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Crazy Goat Soaps

Crazy Goat Soaps, a labor of love by a dedicated husband and wife duo, is all about creating handmade goat milk skincare products and providing a personalized customer service experience. From goat milk soap to goat milk moisturizers, we leverage our expert knowledge and personal experience to help everyone feel radiant, regardless of skin type. Our products are meticulously crafted to offer deep hydration, gentle exfoliation, and soothing benefits, promoting healthy and glowing skin. The duo's unwavering commitment to quality and care has made Crazy Goat Soaps a trusted choice for natural skincare. Our mission is to ensure that every customer enjoys the transformative benefits of goat milk, leaving them with beautiful, confident skin.

What we're all about

Our Promise

Our promise to all our customers is that you will feel and see the difference in using our carefully handmade products over our competitors, and we will provide an experience uniquely special for every customer and every skin type. Once you go handmade, you never go back: let us take care of you in a way those big box guys never can.

Better Alternative

Handmade is better and healthier. We handcraft every product using natural ingredients from USA-based companies. Our handmade products are produced in smaller batches, so we exercise great caution and ensure that we do not use inferior ingredients that will diminish the effectiveness of any of our products.

All Natural Ingredients

Our products, made with natural ingredients, nourish the skin deeply, providing essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that promote healthy skin. Unlike big-box skincare products, which are usually made with synthetic and chemically laden products that irritate the skin, we have products made with unique natural ingredients. We use skin-loving butters like kokum, mango, lavender, and coffee butters and oils like hemp seed and rosehip oil. We use essential and fragrance oils together or separately to create unique scents you'll love.

  • Salena Yaaj Xyooj

    I got the chance to try the body butter cream (beautiful vixen) and whipped sugar scrub (black raspberry & vanilla)! love the smells and the texture is amazing. I have super dry skin and the body butter helps so much! I love that it doesn't leave a thick/sticky feeling afterwards. The scrub feels and smells amazing, love it all!

  • Susan Beltrani

    I have been enjoying the products from Crazy Goat Soaps. The sugar scrub is the best I've used! Not too harsh but very effective. It moisturizes without a greasy feel and the scent is phenomenal. I follow it up with the butter body lotion and my skin looks and feels smooth and hydrated. The most difficult part is deciding on the fragrance! Each one I've sampled is lovely and long lasting. I cannot recommend Crazy Goat Soaps enough!

  • L V

    I'm such a big fan of crazy goat soaps. I have the sugar scrub, the shave creme and the body butter. The body butter is thick and luxurious and makes my skin so soft and smooth.

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